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Professional Real Estate Investor & Consultant


I specialize in providing tailored solutions for those navigating unique real estate situations. Whether you're dealing with a challenging probate and want to cash out early, or seeking assistance in locating missing funds or forgotten assets, I'm here to guide you through every step of the process.


With a keen understanding of the complexities involved, I offer personalized support to alleviate the stress and uncertainty that often accompany these situations. My goal is simple: to provide clarity, resolution, and peace of mind to those in need.  


Let's work together to turn your challenges into opportunities. Get in touch today and let's chart a course toward a brighter tomorrow.


I'm able to relax since you took care of my probate issues. I was within weeks of losing the house to property taxes and kept putting off probate. You handled everything perfectly and we did this from out of state. Lincoln Palmer's company is totally legitimate and I wish I had found him sooner. Others called me but I was skeptical and some did sound shady. I know, practically everything is a scam these days but this went really well for me. I wouldn't hesitate to send a personal email to anyone with more questions. You may give out my email address to any serious inquiries.

Renate S. Texas

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